My Experience

  • I’m doing what I’ve always done, and that’s helping people reach their potential as far as their wellbeing is concerned
  • In fact, I have worked as a dietitian in one form or another, rising to senior positions, for over 30 years
  • I have also taught stress management and physical activity and written numerous wellness programmes that include these elements in them
  • I have a wealth of coaching experience and continue to attend training on how to help people change
  • Mostly I like to use Motivational Interviewing (MI) to help people change
  • I help a wide range of people, making each consultation bespoke to the individual client
  • I have particular experience in those that have lost confidence in being able to change themselves, e.g., older people, women going through the menopause, people who have ‘lost’ the way when it comes to healthy eating, those who have found no support from anywhere else with regards what they are going through


  • Anne (client) “Thanks to Gaynor for support during a difficult period, for motivational interviewing (very helpful) and for expertise and knowledge when it was most needed” 
  • Bethan (client) “Gaynor always seems to know how I’m feeling; it’s as if she has stepped into my shoes” 
  • David (Psychologist colleague) “It has been an honour to work alongside the inspiration behind some of UK’s most successful wellness initiatives” 
  • Elizabeth (client) “It’s refreshing to be listened to and not to be told off and nagged when I come and see Gaynor” 
  • Jacquie (client) “Gaynor has helped me take control and make changes that have led to weight loss” 
  • Stan (client) “Gaynor is a true authority in nutrition. Gaynor’s hard work and dedication to providing quality information to the public is endless” 
  • Rachael (client) “Thank you very much for helping me out and answering some of my questions. I have felt much better since my visit” 
  • Tom (client) “You have been very helpful to me: I had been going around in circles for weeks wondering how to improve things” 
  • David (Psychologist colleague) “The work that she has done for our programme alone has helped several thousand men and women lead healthier and happier lives” 
  • Michael (respected and world-renowned psychologist) “Gaynor has a tremendous grasp of the psychology behind how to help people change” 
  • Siobhan (client) “Thanks for keeping me on track and I could actually talk to you, since you left you have been missed!” 
  • Miranda, weight loss patient with disabilities “Thank you for all your help in considering my dietary needs. It was really good to have it checked out with such expertise and I now know how I can move forward with weight-loss in the right way. All the best with your work Gaynor – you must be a great help to many people” 
  • Rebecca (PCOS client - name changed) “It was lovely to talk to you and the information was very useful. You didn't overload me at all. It has helped me to make a lot more sense of things and has given me confidence to know that I'm not a failure at losing weight. Of course right now my weight is not the most important issue in the world but I have more time to give to myself and that's OK. I know I'm going to feel better long-term. Thanks so much,” 
  • Rebecca (diabetic) “Thank you for this morning, your advice has been really insightfull” 
  • Helen (client) “it was really interesting and nice to talk through it. Thank you for the document, that's brilliant. I'm going to put it on my fridge!” 


  • Motivational Interviewing: Foundation Skills 8/4/21 8 contact hours led by MI Trainer Dr Joel Porter
  • Advanced Mental Health in Eating Disorders. 29/9/ and 5/10 2020. This was a virtual classroom BDA course
  • Sustainable Diets, 20/4/20, Successively Completed an e-learning module by Friesland Campina Institute and endorsed by the BDA.
  • FODMAP training for IBS, 31/1/19 - BDA offices Birmingham. Up to date thinking with practical help to pass on to patients
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI): 16-17 July, 2018 - Intermediate 2 day Workshop Trainer: Professor Stephen Rollnick, Cardiff
  • Exercise, Metabolism & Health: March 2017 - How exercise influences metabolic health
  • Motivational Interviewing Introduction - Update: 18th – 19th January 2016, Professor Stephen Rollnick
  • Behaviour Change Part II: November 2015 - BDA approved course on Motivational Approaches to change led by trainer Dympna Pearson
  • FODMAP for IBS training University of Nottingham: March, 2015
  • Food allergy e-training: October 2014 - Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy. Grade: 100%
  • The DAFNE Course, The Heart Hospital, London: January 2011 - how diabetics can better control their blood glucose
  • Behaviour Change Part I: 2009 - BDA approved course on client-centered, motivation and behavioural strategies aimed at helping individuals change. Led by trainer Dympna Pearson
  • University of Hertfordshire: Sept-Dec 1991 - Professional Updating for Women - postgraduate qualification
  • Walthamstow College: Sept. - Dec. 1982 - Associate Member of the Health Education Authority (teaching Look After Your Heart and Look After Yourself)
  • University of Surrey: 1981 - State Registration in Dietetics with Distinction
  • University of Surrey: 1977 – 1981 - B.Sc. (Hons.) Nutrition, specialist options in Psychology and Biochemistry

Awards and Special Achievements

  • 2015: BDA Roll of Honour for substantial contribution to PEN (evidence based dietetic practice)
  • 2008: "Dummies Guide to PCOS" became UK's second best seller on PCOS
  • 2003: Most 'Outstanding Paper' in 2002 Nutrition and Food Science Journal, “Children's diets: should they be taken with a pinch of salt?”
  • 2002 and 2003: Inclusion in "Who's Who in Science and Engineering" for my work with PMS.
  • 1996: The Rose Simmons Memorial Fund Award (the most prestigious award in dietetics) for my contribution to published work on Nutrition