behaviour change

In order to change a behaviour and make it stick you need to practice and monitor that behaviour you want to change, and then give yourself a reward for achieving success with it.

 Here is an example of how you would help yourself to have breakfast regularly:


Having breakfast regularly

In order to help you have that all important breakfast each day, keep a tick chart of each time you have breakfast; the more times you succeed in having breakfast, the more likely it is to become a permanent habit.

At the start of each week set yourself a target you want to achieve for how many times you want to eat breakfast in the week.

Monitor your progress by ticking in the chart every time you eat breakfast. you can start with setting a target of having breakfast 2 days of the week and then work up to say 6 days a week











Week 1                
Week 2                
Week 3                
Week 4                
Week 5                
Week 6                
Week 7                
Week 8                


In order to help you reach the target try and foresee the barriers and overcome them, like having suitable breakfast food in the house and allowing enough time in the morning to eat it