Top Ten tips for PCOS

taken from my book 'Managing PCOS fro Dummies'

1                       Lose weight if you are overweight; cut your intake to around 1500 calories or slightly higher if you have a lot of weight to lose or you are very active

2                              Eat regular meals (especially breakfast), with a couple of small snacks during the day.  Don’t let yourself get too hungry.  As you will be eating quite regularly watch your portion sizes; you could try eating from a smaller plate.

3                              Follow a low GI diet by subsdituting low GI carbs for the high GI ones See the Table below for some tips

4                              Keep the fat level in your diet down; cutting down particularly on saturated and trans fats (e.g. fatty meat, butter, cakes, pastry and biscuits (cookies))

5                              Use as little salt as possible and look at labels of processed food to try and keep within 6g a day total

6                              Eat al least five helpings of fruit and veg every day

7                              Have a fibre rich diet by eating wholegrain rather than refined cereals and plenty of fruit , veg beans, peas and lentils wih some nuts and seeds

8                              Try and get some physical activity every day; half an hour is great but an hour is fantastic if possible as it will help keep your weight in control.

9                              Enjoy a variety of food, eating mostly healthy stuff but don’t feel guilty ifyou have the odd treat now such as a dessert, cake or chocolate.

10                           Just because you are trying to eat healthily does not mean you can’t enjoy eating with your friends and family; your healthy habits may even rub off on them!


Substituting not so good carbs for good carbs

Meal occasion

Instead of:


Breakfast Cornflakes Muesli
  Instant porridge oats Whole oats made into porridge
  White toast Granary toast/seeded toast
Lunch Jacket potato with filling Sweet potato (baked) with filling
  White filled baguette Pitta bread filled with hummus
  Brown bread sandwiches Wholegrain bread sandwiches
Dinner Curry with white rice Curry with basmati rice
  Shepherds pie Spaghetti Bolognase
  Stir fry with quick cook rice Stir fry with noodles
Desserts Bread and butter pudding made with white bread Bread and butter pudding made with fruit loaf
  Fruit Crumble made with white flour Fruit crumble made with oat topping
Snacks Muffins/cakes/biscuits Cakes, biscuits or muffins made with fruit, oats and wholegrains
  White bread and jam Fruit loaf with ricotta

White crackers and cheese

Oatcakes with avocado or hummus dip