• Anne (client) “Thanks to Gaynor for support during a difficult period, for motivational interviewing (very helpful) and for expertise and knowledge when it was most needed” 
  • Bethan (client) “Gaynor always seems to know how I’m feeling; it’s as if she has stepped into my shoes” 
  • David (Psychologist colleague) “It has been an honour to work alongside the inspiration behind some of UK’s most successful wellness initiatives” 
  • Elizabeth (client) “It’s refreshing to be listened to and not to be told off and nagged when I come and see Gaynor” 
  • Jacquie (client) “Gaynor has helped me take control and make changes that have led to weight loss” 
  • Stan (client) “Gaynor is a true authority in nutrition. Gaynor’s hard work and dedication to providing quality information to the public is endless” 
  • Rachael (client) “Thank you very much for helping me out and answering some of my questions. I have felt much better since my visit” 
  • Tom (client) “You have been very helpful to me: I had been going around in circles for weeks wondering how to improve things” 
  • David (Psychologist colleague) “The work that she has done for our programme alone has helped several thousand men and women lead healthier and happier lives” 
  • Michael (respected and world-renowned psychologist) “Gaynor has a tremendous grasp of the psychology behind how to help people change” 
  • Siobhan (client) “Thanks for keeping me on track and I could actually talk to you, since you left you have been missed!” 
  • Miranda, weight loss patient with disabilities “Thank you for all your help in considering my dietary needs. It was really good to have it checked out with such expertise and I now know how I can move forward with weight-loss in the right way. All the best with your work Gaynor – you must be a great help to many people” 
  • Rebecca (PCOS client - name changed) “It was lovely to talk to you and the information was very useful. You didn't overload me at all. It has helped me to make a lot more sense of things and has given me confidence to know that I'm not a failure at losing weight. Of course right now my weight is not the most important issue in the world but I have more time to give to myself and that's OK. I know I'm going to feel better long-term. Thanks so much,” 
  • Rebecca (diabetic) “Thank you for this morning, your advice has been really insightfull” 
  • Helen (client) “it was really interesting and nice to talk through it. Thank you for the document, that's brilliant. I'm going to put it on my fridge!” 

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